It's just me! I will have plenty of support of friends and family to watch the house, the mail, etc and keep tabs on me. But this is all me. I've done many personal road trips by myself so this is nothing new. In 2003 I did 16,000 miles in 3 months by myself.
I've recently done 7,000 and 4,000 mile road trips as well, so this is nothign new.


What this is all about is trying to fullfill another bucketlist and help a good cause at the same time.


The tentative start for the 2021 project is Thursday April 29, 2021


Starting on April 29, 2021 I will play my first round in Kentucky at my home coure of Traditions Golf Club. From there everyday I will play in a new state for the remaining 49 days. 50 Rounds, 50 Days, 50 States.
You can see the scdule here


Golf has always been my place to just relax. I don't get to play as much as I want, but when I do, it gets me away from things.
I've also been fortunate in life (I worked hard for it, nothign handed to me), but I want to give back. So I created this project to try help out those that can't help themselves, KIDS! So the 2021 project is for St Jude Children's Hospital

How To Help?

Go to the Donation website. You can do a direct donation to St Jude or you can buy Swag Packages or Individual Swag Items.
All profits go directly to St Jude and you can check my Transparency page to see how things are being distributed.


What do to about Mother Nature and the weather. Should weather interfere with a round of golf, I'm hoping the course will at least let me hit a drive off the first tee. If the time frame for the weather to subside is to long for me to get to the next course, I will have to postpone that round.
But I will, on my own dime, return to the course and play the course at a later time (hopefully same calendar year) to complete the project.
Sometimes, Mother Nature just doesn't cooperate.

What About Hawaii and Alaska?

One of the biggest questions I get asked....."How you going to do Hawaii/Alaska?"
Well..."I have plan".
As of right now the plan is solid. But I can't book the tickets a head of time.
If you look at the schedule you can see how it plays out, but....the plan is Thursday - Play California and drive to Vegas
Friday - Early flight from Vegas to Hawaii and play Hawaii (Noonish)
9pm flight from Honolu to Alaska (red eye) Saturday - Arrive in Anchorage (5am), play golf in Alaska and fly out around 2pm to Vegas. Saturday Night (get home from Alaska) Sunday - play in Las Vegas and drive to Utah Monday - Utha...back on track

What about Weather and Mother Nature?

I unfortunately can't control Mother Nature and know if she's going to be kind or mean to me.
Because of the schedule and the committments to the other courses, I will stay as long as possible to try and get the round it, until I fell it's not feasable.
However, I will attempt to play regardless of the weather (like in Caddyshack).
But if the course is closed, there is nothing I can do, for course/safety reasons.
I will be asking if I can at least hit a drive off the first hole and then I will return (at my own cost) at a later date to play the round as requested as soon as possible (and within the next 6 months).

All donations that are specific to my scoring based on Exotic Donations will be up to the donater on how they want to handle it.
I will have pre-determined score (number of bogeys, pars, birdies, for each coures). They can go use that score, they can abandon the donation, or wait until I re-play the course.

Why St Jude?

This is an easy question, but also a difficult question to answer.
There are a lot of organizations that have great intentions and do good for many of people. At some point you have to pick something. I don't personally have any kids, but I've grown up and been around a lot of kids. Kids can teach us so much about life. They aren't born with racism, hatred, sexism, they just want to be kids.

Kids, generally, just want to hang out an play with other kids, until they are taught they shouldn't. Kids are the most innocent people in the world, and deep down, probably have the biggest heart, before they are told how to think, otherwise.

But what they can't control, is CANCER!

They got the short straw from the get go, and now they and their families are in for a fight.

But look at so many of the kids.
They only know what they know, and they are HAPPY (it's what the know). Yes, they know they have cancer, and it's a struggle. But they fight, when so many adults wouldn't.

But A lot of people, right or wrong, have issues that other organizations will help with.
But kids and their families, they didn't even have time to make decisions.