Online Store

The online store isn't available yet, but hoping to have it available by the end of the year. Waiting to try and get all the golf courses commited so I begin the next steps.

All orders will have a premium cost to them. But all cost above the pure operational cost (cost of the product, shipping, packaging, etc) will be donated to St Judes.

Your invoice will show you the donation to St Jude and you can also see all other donations to St Jude via the Transparency link on our site.
I have available some swag to be purchased. You can buy things individually or through pre-assemble Swag Bags.
All items have a buil in premium (of course) and all profits will be go to St Jude. My only expenses will be any credit card/processing transaction fees and shipping costs (built in the pre-packaged packages)

Click the button below to go to the online store.