Outing Information
Last Updated: April 22, 2021

Thanks for your interest in the
Golfing For A Cause "Launch" Golf Outing
on April 26, 2021

Below are some details about the outing to help you get started.

If you want to view the current status (Teams/Scores, Raffles, Auctions, etc) of the outing click the button
Outing Summary

There is a lot of information below, but I believe important and valuable information.
So please read! :)


Traditions Golf Club is located at 2035 Williams Rd, Hebron, KY (click her to view on map).
If you haven't been in that area in awhile there is now an exit off 275 past the Hebron exit (if heading west), before (if heading east), that is named Graves Rd (Exit 8). This is the quickest and easiest way to get there as opposed to driving in/around the Industrial Complex or Subdivision.

Schedule Of Events

      - 9:15am: Start arriving at the golf course.
      - 9:30am: Driving range is open
          No Charge for golf balls. But share if other people are waiting.
      Matts ONLY (not on the grass)
      - 10:10am: Begin returning to your carts
      - 10:15am: Pre-Tee Off announcements and rules
      - 10:25am: Head out to your designated hole
      - 10:30am: First group on each hole begins, with the B group following
      - 4:00pm - 4:30pm: Finish up, take your clubs to your car, and come to the back patio/banquet room for cookout and prizes.
      - 5:00pm (approx): Prizes, Raffles, and Auction winners announced.
      - 5:30pm+: Hang out, leave, you are on your own....Thanks for playing!


There is still some setup and final things that need to be finished before golfers arrive.
Upon arrival pull your car to the bag drop and let the staff take your bags to the cart.
Give them your name, player number, and/or starting hole (all info is listed above), for quicker unloading.

Alcohol Policy


ATM Machine

There is NOT AN ATM on site. Credit cards and cash are accepted.

Dress Code

Proper dress code required. NO DENIM!
Men: Shirt with collar, tucked in, no workout apparel.
Women: Shirt with collar OR sleeves (no tanks), no workout apparel.


You DO NOT need to wear a mask on the golf course.
Please wear a mask when in the clubhouse.
Please be considerate of other people that may want to wear mask and/or need distance.
You might be fine, vaccinated, etc. But don't judge other people.
We don't know everyones personal/health concerns.
Please....be considerate, aware, and respectful.


There is no official check-in. Everyone will have already paid.
Your swag bags will be in your cart with your name on them.
If you purchased a Mulligan, the mulligan prize has already been selected and is in your Swag Bag.
There is additional Swag, Split the Pot, Raffle Items (tickets), and Auction items in the banquet room.
Feel free to come inside and check out the Raffle and Auction items and purchase swag, tickets, or place auction bids.

Drink Tickets/Food

There are three drink tickets (rubber banded) in your Swag Bag.
These are good for domestic beers, water, soda, or gatorade.
Additional drinks and food are available at your own cost (except for Post Round Grill Out...see details below).
PLEASE TIP THE STAFF...even on the free drinks.


If you purchased a mulligan, your prize has already been randomly drawn and is in a brown bag in your Swag Bag.
If you didn't purchase a mulligan and want one, see GFAC before the round.
Each mulligan can be used only once, but can be used whenever you want.
Your team can use all mulligans on the same shot if they want.

Post Round Food

There will be a cookout (hamburger, hot dogs, stuff like that) after the round (approx 430pm) that is included in your outing.
However, any other food/snack purchases prior/during your round is your responsibility.
Drinks ARE NOT included, and at your own cost.


DO NOT MOVE CARTS (probably won't be keys in them anyway).
You can take the carts to your car after your round is finished.

Scoring Format

This a four-person scramble.
Everyone on the team hits a shot. Pick the best shot of your team, then all players hit from that spot. Wash, Rinse, Repeat until the ball is in the whole.
Players get one club length from the ball (in the same type of grass) or one putter head length (on the green).
Max 2 putts on the green. If you use your putter off the green (example the fringe), this doesn't count as a putt.
Max 3 strokes over par. If you are on a par 4 and you don't hole your 7th shot, pick the the ball up and give yourself a 7. We won't be recording more than 3 over par for any hole.

Scoring System

There will be prizes for LOW GROSS (1st - 3rd)
In addition there will be prizes for an adjusted Peoria Handicap to give everyone/every team a chance.
For more details on how I will be doing it click here (new tab)
NOTE: Teams can only win one prize with "LOW GROSS" getting precedence.

Double Split The Pot

Split the Pot tickets are all digital (no physical tickets) and will show up on your profile page.
All monies collected via the Split The Pot will be distributed in two draws.
Split The Pot cost will be the following
    1 for $5.00
    3 for $10.00
    10 for $20.00
    35 for $50.00
    75 for $100.00
Draws will be as follows
    First Draw - 35% of monies collected
    Second Draw - 15% of monies collected
    Remaining 50% will go to expenses for Xabula Charities (25%) and donations to St Jude's (75%)

So if $2,000 was raised via the Split The Pot, $700 would go to the first draw, $300 to the second draw, $250 to Xabula Charities, and $750 going to St Jude's)

If you would like to purchase Split The Pot Tickets ahead of time, click the button below.
You can always buy more at the outing.
Purchase Online

Place Prizes

Teams can only win one (can't win Gross and Handicap)
However: LAST PLACE - GROSS can win one of the Handicap team prizes:
Gross will be drawn first.
1st Place - Gross
2nd Place - Gross
3rd Place - Gross
Last Place - Gross (They gave it a shot - eligible for Team Handicap prize)
1st Place - Peoria Handicap Applied
2nd Place - Peoria Handicap Applied
3rd Place - Peoria Handicap Applied

Outing Hole Prizes

#5 - Closest To The Pin - Women
#7 - Closest To The Sign
#8 - Closest To The Pin - Men
#9 - Longest Putt
#12 - Longest Drive - Men
#16 - Longest Drive - Women
#17 - Beat the Host
#18 - Longest Putt


We will be collecting money (different amount of entries based on amount donated). Those raffle tickets will be the color BLUE.
Each raffle will have a bag in front of the flyer explaining the raffle.
Each raffle has different ticket values associated with it (1, 2, 5 or 10) based on the value of the raffle.
There are pre-counted bags of 5 and 10 tickets that you can use to put in the 5 or 10 raffle bags. There are also, 2 ticket cards, that can be used for the 2 ticket raffle.
You can also just put the number of single tickets that match the # of tickets for the raffle. Be sure to put your Player # on the pre-counted bags or the individual tickets.
Raffle ticket cost will be the following:

    1 for $5.00
    3 for $10.00
    10 for $20.00
    35 for $50.00
    75 for $100.00

You can purchase Raffle Tickets ahead of time (if using digital will be able to enter raffles online). If you select Physical Tickets, they will be distributed to you at the outing and you can put them in the proper raffles.
If you would like to purchase Raffle Tickets before the outing click the button below


There are 11 auctions that you can bid on for some great experiences or items. The highest bidder will win the auction.
Aution items will be handled via a company called Travel Pledge.
Payement will be required at the end of the outing when winners are announced.


There will be more Golfing For A Cause Swag for purchase.
You can view all the items in the Banquet Room.

Beat The Host

I'll be hitting two tee shots from the 17th hole. I will pick the best of the two shots and a stake will be put on the green (hopefully).
Players can pay $5 to try and hit their first (only once chance) shot. If their ball lands closer to the hole than my marker, I'll will pay them $20 from my own pocket, in the banquet room during the announcement of the winners.

Extra Putter

I'm going to attempt to meet every team on the 9th and 18th holes and I will be an extra putter for the "first" putt.
If I make the putt, and it qualifies for the "Longest Putt", someone on the team can put their name on the sign.

Driver Help

I'll be hitting two drives before the round starts on both the 1st and 10th hole.
I'll choose the best drive on each hole. There will be a marker in the fairway (assuming I hit it) that marks the location of my drive. Your team has a choice of hitting from my shot, or hitting one of your shots.


It cost money to run outings and things like that. All monies recieved from entry fee, raffles, mulligans, etc, will be tallied. All the expenses of the outing, like golf fees, food, drinks, will be deducted from the amount received from the previously mentioned items.
After everything is calculated, Xabula Charities will take 25% of profits to pay for additional expenses and the bigger project of 50 Rounds, 50 Days, 50 States. The remaining 75% will be donated to St Judes.
All outing donations will be donated to St Jude's under "Launch Golf Outing" and will hopefully be posted by April 29th (the day of round 1)

If you have any issues, comments, concerns, please come see me, email me, or text me.